Long-Term Suboxone Maintenance

A tool that can be used to help those in recovery abstain from relapsing and extend the healing process.

Why Long-Term Suboxone Maintenance?

While some clients may only be prescribed Suboxone for short-term stabilization, others may need or choose to remain on the medication for a longer period of time. Studies show that the length of time Suboxone is consumed further contributes to its effectiveness. Suboxone occupies the brain’s opioid receptors in order to block opiates from binding, thus allowing time for the brain to adjust itself and restore homeostasis. Long-term Suboxone maintenance can help extend the healing process so that is has a lasting effect on the clients’ health.

At MAT LV, our highly trained physicians and staff members will work individually with each client to explore different treatment options and build the best plan of care for the client; taking into account each clients’ long term needs and goals. Our staff work cohesively to select the most effective therapeutic interventions in conjunction with Suboxone therapy to help clients succeed in recovery. We work to teach our clients to shift their focus from an internal, narrow view of the world to a more external, optimistic, global view. We work to facilitate the implementation of more effective coping skills that allow them to start responding in a healthy manner to the world around them.

Suboxone maintenance allows the client more time to learn and implement these skills without the unnecessary physical and psychological stress of cravings and withdrawal. Once the client feels ready, they are given the option to slowly taper off of Suboxone and put their newly acquired skills to the test. We’ve found that those who engage in Suboxone maintenance in conjunction with therapy have the best prognosis and outcomes in and out of treatment.

Clients on Suboxone maintenance are more likely to engage in long-term treatment

Decreased levels of stress

Eliminates cravings

Significantly reduces the risk of relapse

Lowered potential of misuse

Increases safety in case of overdose

Eligibility for Suboxone Maintenance requires that clients:

  • Be diagnosed with an opioid dependency
  • Be willing to follow all safety precautions and directions from their physician regarding treatment
  • Be cleared of any health conflicts
  • Be aware and understand the other treatment options available to them

The Three Stages of Suboxone Treatment




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